About us

Our mechanical design office meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers – we design and build machines and appliances driven by the vision of our clients.

MDteam provides design and manufacturing services across the country and internationally. We handle both large and smaller scale design projects for custom-made machines and appliances for a multitude of industries. Thanks to the industry leadingexpertise of our in-house designers, MDteam can offer comprehensive end-to-end services, timely deliveries and competitive prices.

Our Metalworking Division provides a variety of manufacturing processes, including welding (both robotised and manual), drilling, lathing and many others. We work closely with a range of raw materials’ suppliers, guaranteeing rapid and timely deliveries.

Our experts strive to deliver innovative, technologically advanced and competitive designs. We offer end-to-end processes, transforming your concept into a professional design and beyond, into a fully documented, functional device.

We are passionate about mechanical design and we engage fully with each project. Our professional approach has won us the recognition of many industry leaders and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you as one of them.